We love to do cupcakes here at SYF!   Custom cupcakes with fun animals or designs, or just delicious flavorful cupcakes!

You can see that I like to keep the colors of the frosting natural, like Vanilla or Chocolate,  and then to spruce it up or get a fun color I like the looks of a fun topper.  These little animals are so cute!  My favorite were the snakes!   See that they are 2 x 2, for a little Noah’s Ark Theme!

mini cupcakes

Of Course we do “regular” cupcakes as well,  These are one of the most loves Specialty Cupcakes – The Margarita cupcake!

Margarita cupcakes

And I just really really love chocolate buttercream!

Chocolate Cupcakes


Throwback Post – Paines Park Opening

This post is pretty late!  This event happened a little over a year ago. I made the cake for the opening of the park.  It was a challenge to make a  irregularly shaped object fit in a nice square to feed a bunch of people,  But I think I pulled it off!  It was my largest cake to date,  It fed $250 people

  Paines Park Cake

The cake  assembled at the site,  So no posed studio pics!

Paynes Park Cake Cutting

The cutting of the cake with former Govenor Rendell chatting it up in the background.

serving at the Art Museum

Only about a quarter of the way through the cake!

Paines Park Cake, Finished in the Car

The cake was assembled in the car,  It was a super hot day in May but the cake held up fine!

Seve Your Fork Staff for the day!

This is the first time I had to have staff for an event, Luckily they work for free!

Cake's Gone - Save Your Fork

Clearly the cake was a hit! No leftovers!