We love to do cupcakes here at SYF!   Custom cupcakes with fun animals or designs, or just delicious flavorful cupcakes!

You can see that I like to keep the colors of the frosting natural, like Vanilla or Chocolate,  and then to spruce it up or get a fun color I like the looks of a fun topper.  These little animals are so cute!  My favorite were the snakes!   See that they are 2 x 2, for a little Noah’s Ark Theme!

mini cupcakes

Of Course we do “regular” cupcakes as well,  These are one of the most loves Specialty Cupcakes – The Margarita cupcake!

Margarita cupcakes

And I just really really love chocolate buttercream!

Chocolate Cupcakes


Chinese theme cupcakes:  Banana Cupcakes with Peanut butter buttercream!  Yum!
P.S.  There was also an Elvis theme to the party, hence the Banana and peanut butter (no bacon…this time)



Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream – a classic!


Despite what Cake Wrecks says:  Sometimes cupcake cakes can be  AWESOME!

For the same Little Guy – he loves sonic…a lot!

Music Theme Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream.