The Whole Museum!

That was the title for my cake for the Let Them Eat Cake event for City of Hope.

VanGogh Cake with frame

The theme was Masterpieces of Cake,  I went outside the lines a little bit with my cake (which I like to do)  I didn’t just stick with paintings, I went to the Philadelphia Art Museum and looked around,  I was reminded that fine art is not always a painting, it is a Vase, a sculpture, even a poem or book.   So that is what inspired me,  art of all kinds.

This was the final product, all set up at the event.  It was a large column, a hand piped vase on top with three stacked books on top of that.  Leaning on the column, almost completely upright was my buttercream rendition of “A Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh, one of my favorite paintings of all time.  It was an actual cake, albeit in a box, I wanted to to be able to be really made in cake.  Lastly was a chocolate sculpture based on the Kissing Students Sculpture in Estonia.  I really love that statue, It just gives me a happy feeling (I have never actually seen it in person though).

Museum Cake 2

This is it again, recreated back at my studio, unfortunately without the chocolate sculpture which met an unfortunate end in the journey back from the event.

Museum Cake

Chocolate Sculpture and Vangogh Cake

Chocolate Sculpture and Vangogh Cake 2

 Handmade Gumpaste Peonies

Red Gumpaste Peony

Hand Piping on the vase, (please excuse the lighting, the Crystal Tea Room is beautiful, but not ideal for cake photography).

Handpiped Vase

I thought there would actually be a lot of “impressionist” cakes.  That particular technique lends itself to cake a little more easily.  However there was only one other Van Gogh cake, and it was of the Sunflowers,  No other impressionist cakes at all…Whew…!  But in reality, I loved how it came out!

VanGogh in Buttercream

A few how to pics!  This is my buttercream palette, I tried to keep it really neat but it still got jumbled!

My Buttercream Palatte

This is the cake,  I built a box for it from foam core, lined it with parchment, covered the outside with fondant, cut the cake to fit in really snugly and smooshed it in there with a bit of buttercream and just for good measure I made pegs of plastic plates and shish kabob sticks just to be sure it would not go anywhere!  Then I drew on a basic template and piped away!

Would you call this a study? Buttercream Vangogh

See!  I told you it was real cake!  And the nurses in the PICU at CHOP were happy to help eat it!

The vangogh cake cake is real

We did not actually win the competition, (don’t get me started)  The cake that did win was wonderful.  If you would like see some of the other cakes, here is a link to an article.  Overall, it was a good expirience, It was nice to interact with some of the other bakers.