Apple II Computer Cake

One of my favorite cakes to make is something fun and unexpected!  Who would expect a Apple II computer as a groom’s cake?  It actually wasn’t to difficult of a shape to make, it was a pretty boxy design.  However, it required quite a bit of research and it did take a lot, a LOT, of cake.

Mac cake 2  Mac Cake

Complete with external memory drive, which was apparently the ONLY memory at the time.

Mac cake memory

The keyboard and logo were hand painted!

Mac cake keyboard

Never forget about the back of the cake, ( it may not be quite as accurate as the front, but you get the idea!)

Also, The cake was so heavy I was worried that the shelf wouldn’t hold it up so I piled up a bunch of Styrofoam cake dummies to help support it!

Mac Cake back

All of the photos below are by Susan Hennessy Photography.  I am pretty sure that this pic below is taken at the cake reveal!  Pretty sure the Groom was happy with the cake!

SusanHennessey_AlexaNick_Blog_122 SusanHennessey_AlexaNick_Blog_124

To see more pictures of this lovely wedding, including the Naked Cake also provided by Save Your Fork, check out Susan Hennessy’s  Website

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