A Wedding Cake with a Fun Surprise

A classically beautiful wedding cake,  Simple but actually intricate.

embroidery wedding cake

Brush embroidery to look like lace, with hand piping on the trim

Embroidery wedding cake Close up

But we want a little fun too.  So in lieu of a grooms cake we made a little Scooby Doo Tribute peeking out of the side of the cake!

Scooby and Shaggy wedding cake

scooby and shaggy wedding cake 2

So I had a bit of a learning moment on this delivery.  I didn’t ask enough specifics about the reception area, while it was at a restaurant it was actually on the outdoor patio…in June..It was 80 degrees in the shade.  It took some doing, a few discussions with the wedding people and the florist, that “No it’s not ice cream but it will still melt in 80 Degrees”  All in all it was fine, the humidity gave it a little shine, but it could not sit out for the entire reception.  Lesson learned!

Embroidery wedding cake 2


Skate Boarder Cake



This cake is for a young skate boarding enthusiast (I won’t tell you his name)


I was sure to include some of his favorite skate brands and several cool boards


My favorite is the broken board on the bottom of the half pipe



Artist Palette cookies

palatte cookies2

I really love these palette cookies.  Something about the texture and the colors.  I know it sounds corny but I imagined a painting for every one.  Like the blue one, for that one I was imagining a water scene,  and I love the splash of red on the one in the upper right hand corner.  It’s like all the things I love about going to an art museum but all contained in a cookie!  They were actually very easy to make,  I just did it very free form with a palette knife.  Made me remember everyone’s friend Bob Ross!

Happy Little Cookies!

Palatte cookies

The Wawa Cake!!

Wawa Cake

For those of you who do not live in the greater Philadelphia area you may not know about Wawa.  Well Shame on you!  Wawa is a wonderful place to get a hoagie, a coffee or slightly cheaper gas.

Apparently it is also a place to fall in love.  This cake is a groom’s cake for a wedding for a Bride and Groom that met at Wawa.

Wawa Cake2This angle shows that the front windows are poured isomalt so you can see the inside counter.

Star Wars Cake


IMG_2953A fun Lego Star Wars Cake for a little guys Birthday


IMG_2958Han is my favorite,  always loved the smirk

IMG_2957Whose the blonde girl? (someone really asked that)  It’s Luke of course,  You know he had girl hair.

Winery Wedding Shoot

Meg Brock Photography (9)

  I received this wonderful opportunity to be involved in a photo shoot with a very talented Photographer, Meg Brock.  She does beautiful work.  We did it at the Rose Bank Winery in Newtown, PA. I may have gone a little overboard because I made a whole dessert table.  I really love how the pictures came out but you have to see the shoot from her perspective.

  Please look at her website to see some beautiful pictures:


Meg Brock Photography (40)The wedding cake: Ruffles with gold accents

Meg Brock Photography (88)

Love the backdrop!

Meg Brock Photography (75)Hmm, don’t they look yummy??Meg Brock Photography (65)The whole cake table!  On wine barrels!

Meg Brock Photography (48)

Meg Brock Photography (52)

Meg Brock Photography (81)

Meg Brock Photography (82)

Meg Brock Photography (56)Cake Pops

Meg Brock Photography (60)

Meg Brock Photography (63)Mini Apple Pie

Meg Brock Photography (79)Red Velvet Cupcake

Meg Brock Photography (107)I just included this picture because it’s my Grandmother’s silver!

Meg Brock Photography (161)I just included this one because it is my favorite!