Paisley Wedding Cake

Paisley wedding cake

A lovely cake for a wedding at the Arts Ballroom Philadelphia. It is a lovely venue!

Paisley Wedding cake2

The monogram was designed by the groom for a personal touch!

paisley piping

There were two simple layers and two layers that were entirely hand piped with a paisley pattern.


Peony Wedding Cake

We went for simple and romantic with this coral colored wedding cake.

gumpaste peony

Five hand made sugar peonies and several sugar roses!  We went for really simple with the white fondant, that way the focus remains on the handiwork of the flowers!

Peony Wedding Cake

The Wedding was at the Wildwood Convention Center,  The room was very pretty, looking out over the boardwalk at sunset!

A Wedding Cake with a Fun Surprise

A classically beautiful wedding cake,  Simple but actually intricate.

embroidery wedding cake

Brush embroidery to look like lace, with hand piping on the trim

Embroidery wedding cake Close up

But we want a little fun too.  So in lieu of a grooms cake we made a little Scooby Doo Tribute peeking out of the side of the cake!

Scooby and Shaggy wedding cake

scooby and shaggy wedding cake 2

So I had a bit of a learning moment on this delivery.  I didn’t ask enough specifics about the reception area, while it was at a restaurant it was actually on the outdoor patio…in June..It was 80 degrees in the shade.  It took some doing, a few discussions with the wedding people and the florist, that “No it’s not ice cream but it will still melt in 80 Degrees”  All in all it was fine, the humidity gave it a little shine, but it could not sit out for the entire reception.  Lesson learned!

Embroidery wedding cake 2

Winery Wedding Shoot

Meg Brock Photography (9)

  I received this wonderful opportunity to be involved in a photo shoot with a very talented Photographer, Meg Brock.  She does beautiful work.  We did it at the Rose Bank Winery in Newtown, PA. I may have gone a little overboard because I made a whole dessert table.  I really love how the pictures came out but you have to see the shoot from her perspective.

  Please look at her website to see some beautiful pictures:

Meg Brock Photography (40)The wedding cake: Ruffles with gold accents

Meg Brock Photography (88)

Love the backdrop!

Meg Brock Photography (75)Hmm, don’t they look yummy??Meg Brock Photography (65)The whole cake table!  On wine barrels!

Meg Brock Photography (48)

Meg Brock Photography (52)

Meg Brock Photography (81)

Meg Brock Photography (82)

Meg Brock Photography (56)Cake Pops

Meg Brock Photography (60)

Meg Brock Photography (63)Mini Apple Pie

Meg Brock Photography (79)Red Velvet Cupcake

Meg Brock Photography (107)I just included this picture because it’s my Grandmother’s silver!

Meg Brock Photography (161)I just included this one because it is my favorite!

Janelle and Dan’s Wedding

Janelle and Dan’s wedding last May.  We did cookie favors and a cake.  I say we because my sister Sara helped me fill in the flower petals.  When she was little she wanted to be a professional colorer  anyway,  I’m just making dreams come true here!

And then one of little guests was unsupervised for a minute and……ooops

Oh Well, just turn it to the wall and no one will know the difference!

The Farmer’s Wedding Cake

This cake was for the wedding of Erin and Greg Farmer.  Now to always be know as Erin the farmer and Greg the farmer.  This was my first cake with wired sugar flowers, I really am happy the way the lilies came out.  In hind-site I would have used fondant because the wedding was outside and it was HOT.  But it all worked out fine.  The flowers looked great though!

Cake Pop Wedding

Not my first cake pop cake, but my first cake pop wedding cake!  It was for good friends: Kim and Randy so I knew they couldn’t hate me if it didn’t come out perfectly.  But they good part is that it did pretty much come out just as I had hoped!  I loved it .  We had three different flavors: Vanilla, Carrot and Margarita,  all so very good.  I built the stand myself which made me almost as proud as the pops themselves!

Keith and Kims Wedding Cake!

This cake for Kim and Keith’s wedding came out so great!  I did chicken out and not put it on the 8 inch high cake stand I had for it.  The hall was smallish and I was afraid the table would get bumped ALOT, I am sure it did because guest tables were within like 2 feet of the cake table.  I couldn’t bring myself to take that chance.  The cake was all Carrot and everyone (that I heard from) loved it!  I got the recipe from a girl I grew up with, I remember everyone always loving her moms carrot cake!

The Cake I Delivered with the Help of an ATV

This cake was the first cake I ever delivered with the help of an ATV,  The wedding was held at New Life Island near Frenchtown, NJ.   The Delaware river flooded and I was unable to drive onto the island.  So the Director, Norm, met me across the river with “the ranger”; I climbed in and held the cake on my lap as we drove across the non-flooded foot bridge to the hall where the reception would take place.  Everything turned out fine and the cake looked great!  Bride and Groom were very happy as was wedding cake maker!

My First Post!


Canoe Cake

A Cake for Outdoor Lover Couple

So This is my First post,  I am still trying to work on figuring out this whole Blog/website situation.   So travel with me if you will along this Bakery Journey with me.   I am working toward starting up a Bakery in the Philadelphia area.  I will soon be posting more pictures to show the wide range of designs and styles that I have made.