Football Helmet Cake: St Joe’s Prep

St Joes Prep football cake

A super fun grooms cake!  A St Joe’s Prep Football Helmet!

It was actually for the Serenade the night before the wedding!  I had never heard of a Serenade before this gig but it is apparently something they do in Wildwood, NJ.  From what I gathered it is where the groom serenades the bride; I believe this particular celebration was going to involve a marching band.

Football helmet cake

The reference picture I was given had a strap covering the bottom of the Logo so I kinda missed the “J” part of the logo, and then when I double checked it I made a little typo on google and still didn’t see it.  Yikes!  Luckily on the triple check I found a better picture and we got the logo fixed before the party!

The moral of the story is….Get lots of reference pictures!

St Joes Prep logo Football

Star Wars Cake


IMG_2953A fun Lego Star Wars Cake for a little guys Birthday


IMG_2958Han is my favorite,  always loved the smirk

IMG_2957Whose the blonde girl? (someone really asked that)  It’s Luke of course,  You know he had girl hair.

Janelle and Dan’s Wedding

Janelle and Dan’s wedding last May.  We did cookie favors and a cake.  I say we because my sister Sara helped me fill in the flower petals.  When she was little she wanted to be a professional colorer  anyway,  I’m just making dreams come true here!

And then one of little guests was unsupervised for a minute and……ooops

Oh Well, just turn it to the wall and no one will know the difference!

Lets Play Some Catch-up


So Here Comes Post Number 2.   Lets Play a little Catch up.  These are all old cakes from a while ago.    All old files from my crashed computer.  These cakes represent all kinds of different occasions.    You can see the progression of skill over time.  Or at least you could if I knew how to really put them in chronological order.