We love to do cupcakes here at SYF!   Custom cupcakes with fun animals or designs, or just delicious flavorful cupcakes!

You can see that I like to keep the colors of the frosting natural, like Vanilla or Chocolate,  and then to spruce it up or get a fun color I like the looks of a fun topper.  These little animals are so cute!  My favorite were the snakes!   See that they are 2 x 2, for a little Noah’s Ark Theme!

mini cupcakes

Of Course we do “regular” cupcakes as well,  These are one of the most loves Specialty Cupcakes – The Margarita cupcake!

Margarita cupcakes

And I just really really love chocolate buttercream!

Chocolate Cupcakes

Winery Wedding Shoot

Meg Brock Photography (9)

  I received this wonderful opportunity to be involved in a photo shoot with a very talented Photographer, Meg Brock.  She does beautiful work.  We did it at the Rose Bank Winery in Newtown, PA. I may have gone a little overboard because I made a whole dessert table.  I really love how the pictures came out but you have to see the shoot from her perspective.

  Please look at her website to see some beautiful pictures:

Meg Brock Photography (40)The wedding cake: Ruffles with gold accents

Meg Brock Photography (88)

Love the backdrop!

Meg Brock Photography (75)Hmm, don’t they look yummy??Meg Brock Photography (65)The whole cake table!  On wine barrels!

Meg Brock Photography (48)

Meg Brock Photography (52)

Meg Brock Photography (81)

Meg Brock Photography (82)

Meg Brock Photography (56)Cake Pops

Meg Brock Photography (60)

Meg Brock Photography (63)Mini Apple Pie

Meg Brock Photography (79)Red Velvet Cupcake

Meg Brock Photography (107)I just included this picture because it’s my Grandmother’s silver!

Meg Brock Photography (161)I just included this one because it is my favorite!

Settlers of Catan cake!

So what does one make for a serious gamer on her 30th Birthday?  Why a Settlers of Catan cake of course!  The cake is actually 19 separately iced and fondanted cakes in both devils food and chocolate chip pound cake.  Some of the game peices were included (made from fondant)  and included the “water”  expansion pack.  The birthday girl was beyond thrilled!

settlers of catan cake 2A closeup of the texture and details on the cakes!settlers of catan cake

Chinese theme cupcakes:  Banana Cupcakes with Peanut butter buttercream!  Yum!
P.S.  There was also an Elvis theme to the party, hence the Banana and peanut butter (no bacon…this time)



Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream – a classic!


Despite what Cake Wrecks says:  Sometimes cupcake cakes can be  AWESOME!

For the same Little Guy – he loves sonic…a lot!

Music Theme Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream.