Artist Palette cookies

palatte cookies2

I really love these palette cookies.  Something about the texture and the colors.  I know it sounds corny but I imagined a painting for every one.  Like the blue one, for that one I was imagining a water scene,  and I love the splash of red on the one in the upper right hand corner.  It’s like all the things I love about going to an art museum but all contained in a cookie!  They were actually very easy to make,  I just did it very free form with a palette knife.  Made me remember everyone’s friend Bob Ross!

Happy Little Cookies!

Palatte cookies


Janelle and Dan’s Wedding

Janelle and Dan’s wedding last May.  We did cookie favors and a cake.  I say we because my sister Sara helped me fill in the flower petals.  When she was little she wanted to be a professional colorer  anyway,  I’m just making dreams come true here!

And then one of little guests was unsupervised for a minute and……ooops

Oh Well, just turn it to the wall and no one will know the difference!