The Phillies/CHOP Halloween Party

Phanatic Cake


Recently I had the distinct privilege to provide a cake and dessert bar for the Annual Phillies and CHOP Halloween Party at the Airport Embassy Suites.  It was so much fun,  I really love how the Phanatic Cake turned out.  The kids thought it was pretty cool,  The parents were probably more impressed than the kids were.  We had such a great time. I was extra special for me since I am still a part time CHOP nurse.  I work in the ICU and we rarely get to see kids when they are all better.  It was nice to see all these kids doing so well and having a great time.

Here is a Video that gives you a little view of the day!

Phanatic Dracula cake


The Phanatic was in costume of course!  Phanatic Dracula!

Phanatic Dracula

I found a cape, just the right size but it did cover up his tail feathers, Unfortunately, They were pretty cute.

Halloween cake pops

Monster and Ghost cake pops,  with some Baseballs thrown in, for the Phillies


DSCN1353The whole dessert bar!

DSCN1355 S’mores Whoopie Pies


Vegan Cupcakes dipped with Dark Chocolate Vegan Ganache


Swirly Halloween Sugar Cookies

DSCN1360Mini Apple Pies

DSCN1367 I carved CHOP and Phillies Pumpkins to use as stands

DSCN1368  Phanatice cake insidesThis is what the Phanatic looked like on the inside.  He was filled with pumpkin cake.

Winery Wedding Shoot

Meg Brock Photography (9)

  I received this wonderful opportunity to be involved in a photo shoot with a very talented Photographer, Meg Brock.  She does beautiful work.  We did it at the Rose Bank Winery in Newtown, PA. I may have gone a little overboard because I made a whole dessert table.  I really love how the pictures came out but you have to see the shoot from her perspective.

  Please look at her website to see some beautiful pictures:

Meg Brock Photography (40)The wedding cake: Ruffles with gold accents

Meg Brock Photography (88)

Love the backdrop!

Meg Brock Photography (75)Hmm, don’t they look yummy??Meg Brock Photography (65)The whole cake table!  On wine barrels!

Meg Brock Photography (48)

Meg Brock Photography (52)

Meg Brock Photography (81)

Meg Brock Photography (82)

Meg Brock Photography (56)Cake Pops

Meg Brock Photography (60)

Meg Brock Photography (63)Mini Apple Pie

Meg Brock Photography (79)Red Velvet Cupcake

Meg Brock Photography (107)I just included this picture because it’s my Grandmother’s silver!

Meg Brock Photography (161)I just included this one because it is my favorite!

Cake Pop Wedding

Not my first cake pop cake, but my first cake pop wedding cake!  It was for good friends: Kim and Randy so I knew they couldn’t hate me if it didn’t come out perfectly.  But they good part is that it did pretty much come out just as I had hoped!  I loved it .  We had three different flavors: Vanilla, Carrot and Margarita,  all so very good.  I built the stand myself which made me almost as proud as the pops themselves!