Football Helmet Cake: St Joe’s Prep

St Joes Prep football cake

A super fun grooms cake!  A St Joe’s Prep Football Helmet!

It was actually for the Serenade the night before the wedding!  I had never heard of a Serenade before this gig but it is apparently something they do in Wildwood, NJ.  From what I gathered it is where the groom serenades the bride; I believe this particular celebration was going to involve a marching band.

Football helmet cake

The reference picture I was given had a strap covering the bottom of the Logo so I kinda missed the “J” part of the logo, and then when I double checked it I made a little typo on google and still didn’t see it.  Yikes!  Luckily on the triple check I found a better picture and we got the logo fixed before the party!

The moral of the story is….Get lots of reference pictures!

St Joes Prep logo Football


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